Jenny Magnus

On the theme of Attention:

"...It made me feel a little scared to think that maybe there’s a whole class of things that I'm unaware of. That I am un-self-conscious of. And that I'm going to be forced to pay attention to. I can't quite see how I'm going to stay in the present if there are all of these things I have to pay attention to.  It all goes by so fast, it’s confusing, and I feel like I'm not really in control of it. Like it’s sweeping me along and I only have time to pick up on a few things..." Cruise Control, The Willies, 1993

Billygoat Experiment version from Magnus in Play February 2014

Jenny Magnus performing Falling from Nowhere But Up 2009

A woman is struggling to bear up under the end, an end that is ignoble and de-humanizing, but inevitable. Another woman is struggling to bear up under the end of the first woman, a struggle that is ignoble, and dehumanizing. Nowhere But Up is about the end of someone, a person who most especially does not want to go, will not go, without some attention being paid. 

Nowhere But Up publicity shot by Jeffrey Bivens